Why Use the Out-of-Stock Feature with eBay?

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Why Use the Out-of-Stock Feature with eBay?

Why Use the Out-of-Stock Feature with eBay?

This past year eBay has released a new feature called the ‘Out-of-Stock Option’.  This feature is free to use for all sellers and is used for multi-quantity ‘Good till cancelled listings’. As a ‘GTC’ item is listed to eBay it collects valuable information such as sales history and page views. Traditionally when quantity reaches ‘0’ then the listing would be removed and this valuable information would be lost essentially requiring you to start over collecting this valuable information.  Rather than lose all this valuable information we can maintain the listing by using the ‘Out-of-Stock’ option. The listing gets hidden from search results until quantity is added at which point the listing is able to be searched again.  This is very helpful on popular items with valuable information that helps with search results and how your listings rank on eBay.


You can easily opt into this feature through Kyozou by checking the box ‘Out-of-Stock’ found in step 11 of our control panel (see screenshot).  Once enabled all GTC listings that reach a quantity of 0 will have an out of stock status going forward.

To learn more about the ‘Out-of-Stock option’ read this great article from eBay or call your Account Manager today at 1 (877) 596 9681.

Article Written By: Reid Armstrong Product and Marketing Specialist