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We know running your own online business is a lot of work. That’s why we want to extend our partnership and help you reach your goals by assisting your online presence. Whether it’s adding another sales channel or engaging more with online shoppers, as leaders in online selling our contract services are available to assist in any of the following:

Onboarding Services


Getting your storefronts up and running with a fresh new ecommerce platform can seem like a daunting task. We’ve been through this process with hundreds of customers before and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible for you now. Our experienced team of customer success managers are here to ensure your onboarding is simple, pain-free and time efficient. They’ll help you transition onto the Kyozou system and take care of the initial hard work for you.

Training tailored for you

  • Get the most out of Kyozou by utilizing our extensive one on one training system, knowledge base, and guides prepared by our team to get you up and running. Our training is adjusted based on your requirements. Some customers go through it quick while others take their time. It’s completely up to you!

System refreshers

  • Get training refreshers whenever you desire. Our training process is tailored to you. To feel most comfortable with the system, we want you to know it inside and out. Come back to learn at any time using available resources on our website, or simply schedule a training session with your customer success manager. It’s all part of the package.


Kyozou isn’t just a software platform. With it comes an experienced team of professionals that know the industry inside and out. With us, you have the option of having your marketing campaigns managed and having SEO work done for you right. Our industry knowledge can prove to pay dividends when it comes to marketing your storefronts.

Take Advantage of newsletters: Newsletters are the perfect way to stay engaged with your past, current and potential customers. They want to hear from you about promotions and new items that you want to share. Kyozou will set you up with a newsletter template that reflects your brand and how you want to communicate with your subscribers. Included in the package:

  • Setup Mailchimp Account
  • Design Newsletter Template
  • Setup Newsletter Subscription
ecommerce marketing
ecommerce technical support


Managing your business is critical and oftentimes, your livelihood. Your business doesn’t take a break, and neither should Kyozou.

  • Dedicated support team to call during office hours
  • Chat support
  • 24/7 emergency support line


At Kyozou it’s our #1 goal to help you make more sales than ever before. That’s why we offer consultations as part of our process. Our industry insider knowledge can offer effective work arounds to issues you might be facing, simply allowing you to think outside the box. Sometimes all it takes is another point of view (in the form of an industry expert) to get things going again.

As an eBay certified solution, we also will you help you list according to eBay compliant suggested listing strategies. Simple strategies like these can be effective in increasing your competitiveness by setting yourself apart from other sellers.

grow your ecommerce business
seo for ecommerce websites


Templates and custom listings: We offer a selection of templates to select from for your listings. If you want custom work done, we can request a design of your choosing for our development team to work on.

Your store brand says a lot about you. It engages customers right from the start from the look to how they use it to how you interact with them. You want to look unique and stand out. Taking the time to invest in this can be a lot of work, but worth the time. When you don’t have enough time, you can rely on Kyozou professional contracting services to help out.

  • Logo Design
  • Banner Design
  • Kyozou Webstore Design
  • eBay Listing Template Design
  • eBay Store Design
  • Newsletter Design