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As one of the largest marketplaces in the world, Walmart can be a powerhouse for the experienced online seller. Kyozou is fully integrated with Walmart’s marketplace for select sellers who are approved. You’ll be selling your products next to the wide assortment of goods sold by Walmart and other marketplace sellers.

Access to more customers

Have your product listings available to millions of potential buyers globally that shop on Walmart Marketplace. Over 80 million unique visitors shop on a massive marketplace every month. With Kyozou’s marketplace integration partner, inventory management, listing, and order management make it easy for sellers to maintain and manage their inventory for a massive audience – say goodbye to confusing inventory and listing management software today! Start your online business with us.

Synchronized Listings

When an order comes through from Walmart Marketplace, Kyozou automatically updates your other sales channels along with your eCommerce site providing you real-time updates on listings with more sales opportunities without the hassle of managing your inventory.

Detailed Reporting

Kyozou provides you with detailed reporting and analytics to make informed judgments regarding your online sale and business. With a full reports dashboard at your disposal, you’ll get access to profits and loss statuses regarding specific venues like Walmart.