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Amazon Product Listing Tool

As North America’s largest online retailer, Amazon is the perfect venue to list your products. Use the automated convenience of listings management tools to save time and increase your store’s presence. Here are just some of the key features of our all-in-one Amazon inventory management software. Kyozou offers you a complete solution to automate your sales process on all storefronts. Looking to expand your sales? Kyozou is the perfect Amazon Product Listing Tool.

  • Amazon Auto Pricing
  • Search Amazon Product Catalog
  • Parent-Child Listings
  • Amazon Inventory Management

Real Time Amazon Auto Pricing

Stay competitive with the Kyozou Amazon Auto Pricing tool. Determine what an item should sell for, the least the item should sell for and the most the item should sell for. Include the feedback score (of other sellers) the automation should be in competition with. When competitors (that meet your criteria) are listing off the same product Kyozou will update your pricing in real-time to keep it as competitive as possible with theirs.

Search Amazon Catalog

Search the Amazon catalog to see if products have an existing ASIN number or if the item requires to be added to the catalog from scratch. The Amazon catalog makes listing to Amazon extremely efficient and effective.

Parent Child Listings

Kyozou is directly integrated into Amazon with the capabilities of listing parent-child products. Whether it’s jewelry or clothing Kyozou has covered all the categories and subcategories.