What’s The Best Pricing Plan for Online Sellers?

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What’s The Best Pricing Plan for Online Sellers?

At Kyozou we understand that every seller is unique with their own inventory and strategies. To make sure we can support each seller’s needs we have two different pricing models available.

For the majority of sellers, being on a Percentage of Sales Plan is often the more suitable pricing structure. Kyozou also offers an advantageous Per Listing Plan for online sellers managing a low volume of SKU’s with a high profit.

How do you know which ones is best for you? Review these pricing scenarios in context to provide a better idea.

Selling Scenario for a Percentage of Sales Plan

A seller is selling 3,500 SKU’s at an average monthly sales volume of $25,000. If this seller was to be selling on a Per Listing Plan, at $0.20 per listing they would be paying a monthly fee of $700 per month. On a Percentage Plan of 1.5% they would be paying $375 per month for a total saving of $325 per month or $3900 annually.

Selling Scenario for a Per Listing Plan

A seller is selling 1000 SKU’s with an average of $77,000 in monthly sales. If this particular seller was using a software solution on a Percentage Plan of 1.3% they would be paying $1000 in monthly fees. With the exact same selling strategy using the Kyozou platform on a Per Listing Plan, monthly fees would work out to $300 for the first 1200 listings ($0.25 per), giving this seller a much lower monthly fee and room to grow before seeing an increase on their bill of another 200 SKU’s. That’s a saving of $700 per month a total of $8400 a year.

With no contracts and access to all features these pricing options are set to provide online sellers with automation tools to run their online sales.

If you or someone you might know have a similar selling strategy of a low volume SKU’s with a high average of monthly sales, contact us today and learn which pricing plan can help you sell smarter and save money.