The Benefits of Using Kyozou’s Built-In Shipping Feature

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The Benefits of Using Kyozou’s Built-In Shipping Feature

Amazon announced that they have increased the minimum order requirements on their free shipping option for non-Amazon Prime Customers. On the Amazon website they state:We have adjusted our rates for the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service in the U.S. to reflect the changing costs of fulfillment, transportation, storage, and customer service”. Many economists speculate that this change is in an effort to push more people to subscribe to Amazon Prime. But if we think about it, we know that prices have been increasing globally for the past few years and we also know that as a company grows and adds more staff to support the needs of their customers, costs can increase. The reason why this increase is important is because these costs directly impact the pricing the buyer sees, or in this case the final price they will pay to receive an item they want. Pricing is a leading feature in how online shoppers compare sellers to make a purchase decision. But did you know that this increase in free shipping minimums by Amazon can actually benefit you?


How Kyozou Shipping Benefits You:

  1. Discounted shipping rates: We recently negotiated with our partner, VIPparcel for a discount with processing USPS order with their most popular service levels, that we have passed on to you. This will make your pricing more competitive, especially if you have your own Kyozou webstore.
  2. Discounts on Insurance: We’ve integrated with U-PIC so that you can take advantage of saving up to 85% on qualified insured shipments.
  3. Increase traffic to your own webstore: The ability to list your inventory in multiple channels through MultiLister provides you with additional exposure to more buyers. Combine this with the advantage of setting competitive pricing, and those shoppers who compare prices, will drive to your webstore.
  4. Quicker response times: Based on how you operate, you can set up the processing orders and shipment method timelines to meet or exceed delivery expectations. For non-Amazon prime orders, delivery can be expected 5-8 business days once all items in the purchase are available. If you can set up your delivery to be before expected Amazon delivery dates, then you provide the buyer with a better experience and builds the trust that you can deliver what they need, quickly.

While Amazon is a very popular online retailer and continually growing, consumers are becoming more comfortable with online purchases from different sources. The opportunity to still sell and service those that trust and use Amazon will still be there if you sell through them. But you also have this opportunity to build your online brand and grow your own webstore. Take advantage of this increase in shipping costs that are being passed along to Amazon shoppers and set yourself up for success.