5 Things To Do Over The Summer For eCommerce Success

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5 Things To Do Over The Summer For eCommerce Success

Summer’s here and it tends to be when many online sellers experience a drop in sales. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it give you time to focus on some new strategies, plan for the holiday season and maybe you even take some time off for yourself. You deserve it, you’ve been working hard to grow your online business. While the summer weather is great to take advantage of, it’s also the best timing to take advantage of TIME. Time to set yourself up for growth, efficiencies and sales.

Take some time this summer to look into the following 5 tactics that will set your ecomm store up for growth:

  1. Analyze your sales data and clean house. Take a look at your inventory at what hasn’t been selling in the past 6 months. Put those items on sale and get it out of there. You need to make way to order more inventory of your top selling items. Sales data gives you a good indication of what inventory turns better. The more turnover, the more sales.
  2. Set up a sale for your webstore. The holiday have a huge impact on your sales. In fact, last year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day ever in U.S history. It just goes to prove that more and more people are trusting online shopping. Spend some time during the summer to think it through and plan it, create new images and banners, set pricing and order enough inventory. You’ll reap the benefits of a strategic sale, so set aside the time to really plan it out.
  3. List your products to major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Newegg. If you’re not multi-channel selling, you’re missing out on increased sales opportunities. With so many shoppers heading to these sites for holiday gift ideas, you’ll be positioned to capture and fill some of their needs. Starting now, will help you collect the user ratings that are needed to help your rankings for those holiday shoppers to see you first.
  4. Organize your warehouse with location labels. The better organized you are, the more efficiencies you can gain from your order pickers being able to quickly set up an order for shipping. With software, you can map your physical warehouse to a system that will assign the item from it’s storage location making it easier to manage inventories too.
  5. Automate what you can. Running your sales process manually is a lot of work. While excel may handle some of your sales process, it can limit your ability to grow with how much someone needs to pay attention to it. Automation allows you to take repetitive processes and have them completed in a fraction of the time. This give your workers back time to work on other things that need to be done like: more time to pick and ship order to increase your customer’s delight so they will come back for more, more time to research top selling items and get them set up for sales, and whatever else you have had to put on the backburner.

Take some time during the summer slowdown to implement some of these suggestions.  Gaining efficiencies in your online selling strategies now will help you through the remainder of the year. The rest of the year is busy and time can get away from us. It’s already half way through the year, how did that happen? Don’t let more time get away from you. Try these out soon.