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Selling on Walmart vs eBay

If you’re an existing eBay seller, you’ve probably thought about expanding to Walmart. There’s probably also tons of questions you want answers to before you decide to make the jump.

  • Do I need a certain amount of sales for Walmart to accept me?
  • What’s the setup like?
  • Is it worth the increased time spent?
  • How’s the competition?
  • And more


The Walmart Giant

As you probably already know, Walmart is huge. It’s online marketplace is growing rapidly, and surpassed the likes of eBay quite quickly back in 2017 and continues to do so.


selling on walmart vs amaz



Selling on Walmart vs eBay

Many merchants are making a fortune by selling their products at online stores. Two of the biggest marketplaces that a seller should first to consider include Walmart and eBay. If you are just going to be selling a few things from your home for some extra cash, you won’t have to have an inventory software to keep track of your daily sales. Once you start having even a small amount of inventory, however, it’s time to simplify the selling process with specialized software that has been built specifically for that purpose.


eBay Selling Tools

At Kyozou we understand that sellers need an interface that is user-friendly and effective. Our selling tools meet the needs of merchants that are selling a wide range of different products and the needs of merchants that are selling a large amount of only one product. Our eBay software includes the following features:

  • Scheduled listings
  • eBay certified solution/provider
  • Integration with eBay motors
  • Multiple accounts
  • Automatic listing and re-listing
  • Feedback notification
  • Much more

Our tools allow sellers to manage a number of different accounts on eBay and this is an important feature to include on this platform. If you are selling things you may want to set up various accounts in order to look like an authority in different fields with different products.

Walmart Selling Tools

Walmart is a huge venue and Kyozou can be fully integrated with its marketplace. Approved sellers can have their products listed on the Walmart website, which provides access to millions upon millions of customers every month. In fact, more than 80 million visitors are heading to the Walmart site every month to shop. With this type of exposure, sellers need to have access to software that will keep track of their listings and inventory with features such as analytics and detailed reporting.

As a seller at Walmart you’ll only be dealing with one account but you’ll need to have multiple features on your software to keep track of all of your inventory and listings.

When you are working with tools that are easy to use and keep everything simplified, it’s easy to break into the various large-scale marketplaces and sell products on different ones at the same time. Selling on eBay will bring you in contact with customers with different expectations than the customers that are shopping at Walmart. In order to be successful at both marketplaces, you’ll need to have the right software and use it extensively when you’re testing your marketing and promotions.

Find out more about Kyozou today at www.kyozou.com and learn just how easy it is to use even for people that are just starting out in business. Our software can help you simplify your sales on Walmart and eBay!