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Save More When You Share Kyozou

Everyday we hear from happy customers about how much we’ve helped them. Either we’ve given them back more time through automating time consuming processes in online sales or we’ve consulted with them on some selling strategies. We even hear from customers who left us to try something else and come back for a variety of reasons. Whatever we do for our customers, we’re more than happy to as our goal is to help them sell smarter.

What we don’t tell them enough about is that we have another way to provide them with even more value: our referral program. We’ve just been so busy working on a bunch of new changes that will be announced shortly, that now is probably a good time to talk about our referral program.

When our customers tell their friends about us and they sign up, the customer receives a discount off their Kyozou subscription for a few months. It’s that easy to save! We do this because we believe in helping online sellers run their operations efficiently. We want them to sell more, sell smarter and this is how we help. 

For many of our customers, signing up for a software tool was a daunting task. It’s an investment. Many hesitated about investing the money into a system like Kyozou. But they decided to automate and through training and expert individual consultations with the Customer Success Manager, the effort was worth it. We have helped customers save time while increasing their multi-channel presence.

Share Kyozou To Save