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Amazon Prime Day Coming July 2017 – Kyozou’s Ready

Coming July 2017 Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime day is a one-day event, happens once every year loaded with the best deals and bargains available only for the prime members. Amazon is, without doubt, one of the biggest online retailers and their prime day is all about saving money on a range of products such as Laptops, TVs, cosmetics etc. and members receive huge discounts, especially on electronic goods. Amazon announced that 2016 was in fact the most successful prime day event in the history of Amazon with 60% more sales worldwide, compared with 2015’s event. This year, although Amazon has not announced the exact date yet, the event will most likely take place in mid-July. However, unlike past events, Amazon has announced that this year the event will run for 30 hours (from 6:00 pm to midnight PDT) which means buyers get more time to cash in on the savings.

As buyers are expecting great sales deals this year, sellers too are preparing themselves for this big event by reviewing their inventory and planning carefully to prevent any shipping issues at the last moment. Running a sale for the Amazon Prime Day is a great way to kick off your summer sales with a bang!

If you are an online seller willing to make good use of this prime day, we advise you to create promotions and deals for your products. If you have any questions about how we can help you achieve your sales goals for this event, click here to book a quick meeting with one of our product specialists and we will get you all set up.