Why You Should Consider Online Consignment Sales

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Why You Should Consider Online Consignment Sales

Most people are familiar with the second hand store concept. At times, shoppers can find valuable nuggets of merchandise in them. This can be transcribed online. In fact, while a lot of shoppers consider eBay to be the key destination for gently used/consignment goods, there are a lot of successful online stores that also sell consignment goods.

In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, online consignment is estimated to be a $34 billion industry with online consignment companies indicating they have 10% growth.

As as online seller, you can leverage this popularity by expanding your operations to include online consignment.


How Online Consignment in Kyozou Works

Someone with an item to sell (consignor) who may not have an online store, partners with a seller (consignee) who does to sell a product on their behalf. In turn, the consignee pay the consignor a percentage of the sale the consignee made on the consignor’s behalf for the service.

  1. Use an automated eCommerce platform to manage and track your online consignment sales process.
  2. Create a product to launch for online sales in whichever marketplace you choose and assign it to the consignor.
  3. The consignor will be sent a request to set a profile up with a login.consigner login
  4. The login allows the consignor to see the status of inventory. They can track their own items, removing the constant contact that you may have otherwise had to do.how consignment works
  5. As an item sells, an invoice will be automatically created based on your consignment plan with that consignor.
  6. The payments are made through PayPal to reduce all the manual steps of running a consignment part of your business.PayPal for consignment sales


This easy to use online consignment model can be exclusively found in Kyozou. To learn more online consignment and selling in multiple online marketplaces contact us HERE