Why Multi-Channel Sales Works

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Why Multi-Channel Sales Works

What makes Multi-Channel sales work? Exposure. Plain and simple. The more opportunities you have to sell your inventory, the more likely this is going to lead to a sale. In the past, online sellers have focused on one marketplace and often that was enough but as the eCommerce industry grows and becomes more and more saturated, it is important to be selling as efficiently as possible.

Traditionally without the use of a Multi-Channel management solution sellers would either need to compromise where they send their inventory or constantly keep listing up to date with accurate quantity information to be selling on multiple channels.

Selling Scenario

A seller has a quantity of 5 of an item. They are selling on eBay, Amazon and have their own Webstore.

Compromise: In the compromise scenario a seller will separate inventory to avoid having to go and keep listings up to date in each channel. In this scenario, a seller would likely list a quantity of 2 to eBay, 2 to Amazon and 1 on their Webstore. Here they allocate inventory based on which channel would possibly sell more.

Maintaining Listings Quantity:   In this scenario a seller will list all 5 to eBay, Amazon and their own Webstore. As sales happen, the seller will keep the other venues up to date. For example if an item sold on eBay they would need to go to their Webstore and Amazon listings and adjust the quantity to 4 to avoid over and under selling. Now if a seller is managing orders every hour then this can be a lot of work and can leave a seller in jeopardy of not being to facilitate an order if the quantity was not updated accurately on time.

Multi-Channel Management Solution: With a Multi-Channel management solution a seller can sell efficiently without concern of over and under selling. Essentially a seller can list all 5 to eBay, Amazon and their Webstore. As sales happen the system will automatically update the quantity giving sellers the ability to get exposure across multiple marketplaces without having to spend hours keeping each listing quantity accurate. This is the most efficient method for Multi-Channel sales for getting exposure and utilizing time.

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