Why A Listing Management Software Is Critical For Ecom Success

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Why A Listing Management Software Is Critical For Ecom Success

Why A Listing Management Software Is Critical For Your Online Marketplace Success

Creating even one listing requires a lot of detail, let alone creating that information again in the other online marketplaces you sell in. This is why listings management is an important feature when it comes to managing online sales. While best practices for online selling indicate increasing exposure through selling in multi-channels, a lot of online sellers feel like they don’t have the time or resources to manage them all. Focusing on managing one marketplace such as your webstore while trying to grow it is a strategy to build your online presence. Online shoppers can find you through your SEO and marketing efforts. Yet there is a percentage of shoppers that continue to shop through marketplaces they are familiar with such as eBay and Amazon.

Automating your listings management can save you hours in your work day while increasing exposure to additional potential customers who shop in these multi-channels. Each channel has different listings requirements and that is why Kyozou software will automatically manage them from one user account. Simply enter the item information once and then list it to other channels. This is a selling strategy many online sellers use.

A listing management software can effectively allow you to:

  1. Revise listings with Bulk Revision tools: When selling thousands of items, making changes can be cumbersome. Uploading edits via a spreadsheet is an efficient way to quickly upload and implement the necessary changes.This allows the changes to be visible to the marketplace or customer intended.
  2. Create and manage Variations/Parent-Child: When listing an item with differences in colours or size, automation helps to quickly list the options available.
  3. Easily edit Auto-Listing and Relist Profiles: With Auto-listing and relistings profiles you can maintain a quantity on eBay giving you the ability to not list all your available stock which can help with selling strategy and selling limits on eBay. You can also have the system re-list your listings with new selling strategies. For example going from a 30 day fixed price listing to a 7 day auction. Automating your listings can save sellers hours a week.
  4. Create quality eBay listing templates: Make a change to a listing template in Kyozou and have these changes instantly applied to all listing associated with that template.
  5. Set auto-pricing automation to manage Amazon sales: As shoppers price compare and sellers adjust their prices, this feature allows you to set your upper and lower price limits and will automatically adjust them to be more competitive. You don’t need to manually track the competition, when automation can do it for you.
  6. Easily Create Kits and Bundles: Effectively creating kits with your inventory will allow you to sell a variety of options in different channels. As inventory sells down in one channel, the others kits and bundles are automatically updates and reconfigured if needed, to accurately reflect your current inventory levels.
  7. Schedule listings: You can control when a listing will launch to a martketplace which gives you the ability to have your listing seen at optimum times even when you’re away from the desk. Going away on holiday but need your listings to list on a Saturday morning? This is the perfect to automate the listings so you don’t have to be around.
  8. Provides data for analysis: Data is key to providing information for decision making. Listings data will provide insights such as top sale items, inventory, taxes, RMAs and so much more which allows you to plan to take advantage of the best opportunities.

Automation helps you manage routine tasks quickly through software and data. When you’re busy putting out fires from customers, staff or whatever else pops up in a day, you can rest assured that your listings are up to date and providing your online shoppers with the correct information for them to purchase. This can give you more time to look into the sales data and make strategic decisions to grow your sales.

Let’s face it, running a successful business is a lot of work. As you grow and scale, you can’t manage it all manually. If you want more, then automation software with listings management will help you get there.