Getting Ready For eBay’s Active Content Changes

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Getting Ready For eBay’s Active Content Changes

It’s 2017 and with it comes eBay active content changes. Let’s get ready for that.

What exactly is Active Content?

Is forms of website interactions that sellers use to enhance their listings. It is in the form of animation or videos or pieces of engagement. It includes things such as JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins, form actions, moving GIFs, iFrame, scrolling galleries, cross merchandising widgets, live chat, embedding buyer feedback and polls. Many of these features can be changed to fulfil eBay’s requirements transitioning them to use HTML and CSS instead.

Why is eBay making these changes?

eBay is moving to limit and then block active content in 2017 on listings and stores because there are some security issues with these types of content but most importantly is with more shoppers moving to mobile, it interferes with their shopping experience. eBay estimates that more than 48% of traffic is coming from mobile devices. That’s because the active content can take time to load and therefore slow down the rendering that occurs on mobile. Shoppers these days get frustrated when they try to order something and the listing freezes. This can cause you, the seller, a loss in a sale and future sales. It will also provide you with a more secure platform.

How to Check If Your Template Has Active Content?

eBay already has an active content preview button on all active listings. In order to enable this, you will have to log into your eBay account and then go into an active listing of yours. Scroll down until you see the box below and you will click on the ‘preview’ button which will enable the active content checker.


Once enabled, click around your template and see how your template reacts. The functionality for hyperlinks and images may not function the way your current template is supposed to because the active content has been removed. If functionality is limited, this your template does have active content and you will have to update your template.


How is Kyozou Getting Ready for eBay’s Active Content Changes?

As an eBay certified solutions provider, Kyozou will create a new FREE template for you.

We have 3 easy options available for you to transition to the responsive active content compliant template:

  1. To get started on the transfer to the FREE template, Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) now.
  2. If you want to attach the template yourself, you can download the template from our Resources page HERE and then follow the instructions found HERE
  3. If this isn’t exactly what you want, for $125 Kyozou will adjust colours to match your branding and create a banner for the template. Contact your CSM to get started. 


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Launch your new ebay compliant templates now by contacting your Customer Success Manager today.