Kyozou Is Now Integrated With Fulfillment By Amazon

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Kyozou Is Now Integrated With Fulfillment By Amazon

Good news, Kyozou now supports Fulfillment By Amazon!

If you’re an Amazon seller, you probably know about Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA. FBA in its description is simple. For a fee each month, Amazon will take care of the packing, shipping and customer service side of your orders. Instead of sending your inventory to customers, you send it over to Amazon first who does that for you. They’ll use their own warehouse to store your goods until sold. The benefit here is their 24/7 multi-language customer support that you may not be able to offer.

FBA Advantages

On the revenue side of things, FBA can certainly help with increasing your sales and also give your products Amazon Prime capabilities. A large percentage of buyers on Amazon will filter their choices by products that qualify for Prime. On your individual products page, you’ll notice sellers that are using FBA may have something that says: “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com”. This can definitely also increase buyer confidence in your listings.

FBA can also remove the need for a large warehouse, or even eliminate the need for a warehouse completely if you’re doing all your sales through FBA. Because you’ll now be shipping products from Amazon’s own warehouse, it can also provide you with better and more competitive shipping rates (free if under Amazon Prime), as well as faster shipping times depending on where your sellers are located.


Kyozou + FBA

With Kyozou’s support of FBA, you can fulfill all sales that occur through Amazon, and track them along with all your other marketplace transactions through the Kyozou platform itself by using Kyozou as an amazon listing service.

By using FBA with Kyozou, you’ll get Amazon to take care of the packing, shipping and customer service regarding your product orders for you. 

When a customer purchases your product on Amazon that’s listed as FBA, Amazon will take care of the order for you and these orders will appear in your Kyozou order feed along with other orders that have occurred on your other marketplaces. Now with Kyozou, you can easily list and manage your inventory simultaneously between Amazon (FBA), eBay, Newegg, Reverb and your own webstore. Kyozou is amazon multi channel fulfillment at its best, and as an effective all-in-one online solution. it can help eliminate some of the common Amazon selling problems many sellers face.