Stellar Product Descriptions For Sales: Sample eBay Description Template

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Stellar Product Descriptions For Sales: Sample eBay Description Template

It’s pretty clear that in the world of SEO creating stellar product descriptions helps sell your product. While your webstore competes with other online sellers for that same shopper, using the descriptions creatively can help close that sale.

4 Tips on Creating Stellar Product Descriptions:

  1. Go beyond the typical product description: Everyone uses the manufacturer’s description. But actually copying it hurts your SEO because it’s seen as a duplicate. In the Google world, duplicate content, including descriptions actually hurts you. Try to explain the item as clear as you can, but a little differently than the manufacturer. You want the buyer to buy from you, not direct from the manufacturer so try to change it up a little.
  2. Use the extra fields: Depending on what online seller you sell with or your own webstore platform, you’ll want to use the extra fields available to further describe the product. Here is where you can get very creative. You’re using words to paint a picture in the shopper’s head of what it is they will be buying. You may already have a photo that shows the item but try adding words that contribute to the experience of using that product. This helps intrigue them into your product over a very plain description at another site.
  3. Write to the audience: You should know who your typical customers and buyers are. Write the copy and tone that reflects them. Are they sophisticated, casual, sarcastic, busy etc? If you capture their attention by writing directly to them, then they will engage more with the product as they find the description useful to them.
  4. Reflect your brand: Your brand identity online is very important as it reflects your buyer’s experience. Whether they want to come back to purchase from you reflects the expectations your brand created and followed through on. Therefore make sure your descriptions capture your personality. Are you a fun brand, scientific, happy, detail oriented, etc? Writing in a tone that matches your brand helps differentiate you and makes your product stand out.

Example Product Description 1:  3 1/2-in 8-Gauge Steel Spiral Nails – It’s a plain standard nail. Here is a way to make it sound more intriguing:

This spiral shank 3 ½ inch 8-gauge solid steel nail provides tensile strength that will hammer through your general construction projects to produce a reinforced hold. 40 pack, 100 pack.

Example Product Description 2: Silver wrap ring with cubic zirconia tips- This is a plain ring that wraps around your finger. Make it sparkle with a description like this:

Sterling silver 0.7” diameter wrap around ring gently wraps around your finger. Embedded with Cubic Zirconia at each end, the sparkle catches one’s eyes with the mystic feel of an ancient Roman goddess.

Which description entices you to buy something? That’s the way your online shoppers see it too. Remember, it’s about getting that shopper who wants what you have to your site and following through on the purchase. Try adding some creativity to your product descriptions at the very least to remove yourself from duplicate copy and to bring your item to life. Also, weaving the product description into how the buyer will use it brings a simple item to life.   J. Peterman did it on Seinfield and in real life.


eBay Description Template

A good description not only provides the factual information of your product, but also provides its story. Besides your picture, the description is really your only main selling point, so write it well.


ebay description template

Creating compelling descriptions is only a part of optimizing your listings for eBay to get you more sales. For a much more in-depth look at how to optimize your eBay listings for more sales, check out our post here. Confused? Not to worry, put it in the hands of industry experts. We’re an eBay certified solution and have been in this game for over a decade and a half. We’ve optimized listings for thousands of sellers before and we can help you too.