Ecommerce Website Design: Should You Build It Yourself Or Buy?

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Ecommerce Website Design: Should You Build It Yourself Or Buy?

Ecommerce website design needs to be focused on perfectly displaying your products

You’re selling online and trying to decide do you have enough resources to scale your webstore or should you look at investing in a system that will manage it for you? Either way you know it takes time and you know you don’t have enough of it, especially with strained resources. If you build it, will they really come? To grow your sales should you build your own ecommerce/webstore platform, buy from software as a service providers like Magento or Shopify or use a cloud based all-in-one ecommerce multi-channel tool?

These are all great options. To decide which one you should go with you need to think about your long term plan, can it grow with you, does it match your sales process,

Here’s some pros and cons to take into consideration

1. Build it yourself


  • Control your brand experience
  • Make changes quickly
  • Use website creation tools for monthly fee that you can stop using at anytime
  • Customize it to reflect your selling process


  • A lot of details need to be planned and executed
  • If something breaks, you need the expertise to fix it
  • Limited integrations with apps depending on if you use a platform like WordPress
  • Create your own upgrades

2. Use a webstore provider like Magento or Shopify


  • Easy to use
  • Pick from existing optimized professional templates
  • Ability to customize with apps that range in price from free to a monthly cost
  • Automate a lot of processes within the webstore
  • Integrated tools for SEO
  • Customer support to help deal with issues


  • Not a fixed price, your monthly fees and add ons can add up
  • Should you want to change and move to a different platform, it isn’t easy
  • Sell your products on your webstore only instead of multi-channels that provide more exposure
  • No discounts on shipping with partners
  • Limited to upgrades based on when platform deploys


3. Use a multi-channel software tool with a built in ecommerce website design solution


  • Build to grow your online sales for future success by managing listings and sales in multi-channels
  • Automates online selling process to manage large volume of inventory and sales
  • Apply discounts to shipping through partner integrations for better margins
  • Ability to customize some features to accurately reflect your online selling process
  • Take advantage of discounts on shipping from partners due to volume from the platform
  • Marketplace experts in other channels that can help you grow
  • Customer support to help you navigate through issues


  • Can be more expensive monthly
  • Customization can cost extra
  • Dependent on the platform for upgrades

Ecommerce website design with Kyozou



Ecommerce website design with Kyozou can make managing your online storefront a breeze. We can help with:

  • SEO
  • Newsletter Account Setup
  • eBay listing templates
  • Custom eBay Stores
  • Kyozou Webstore templates
  • Custom Reports
  • Banners
  • Logos
  • Newsletters


Most importantly, our ecommerce website will integrate and manage your inventory with your other sales channels. If one of your products sells on your Kyozou webstore, Kyozou will automatically adjust the quantity for sale on your Amazon and eBay stores and vice-versa.

All of our webstore templates are mobile responsive meaning that your website will look great when customers are shopping on your site on their mobile phone. We also work with a variety of shopping comparison sites which will help your products get thousands more views by potential customers all over the world.

Whether you choose to build your own webstore or use an expert software as service, the decision criteria should match your strategies. They all have pros and cons, but you know what your vision for the future of your company is. Think about your 5 plan and start setting things up now for that.