The Benefits of Listing Management

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The Benefits of Listing Management

Running a business is never easy, finding the time to get everything done in a day is a constant challenge. Anything a business can do to save time is always a key factor in terms of growth and success, with online sales it is no different. Often online sellers are challenged with staying organized, repeating the same task over and over and finding ways to give their sales strategy the competitive edge. Listing Management software is designed to alleviate those challenges and make online sales efficient and profitable.

Staying organized, taking control of inventory and automating listings across multiple marketplaces is a sure fire way to expand sales and save time. Kyozou is like the employee that never sleeps at a fraction of the cost. As an all-in-one solution, Kyozou manages your sales through the entire process from start to finish all from the same cloud based platform. With capabilities for Bulk editing, Automation, Organization and Quantity Synchronization, Kyozou makes listing management easy all within one tool.

Bulk Editing

As online sellers grow and expand, more and more listings get added to the sales funnel. Having the ability to edit each listing in bulk via Excel or from the friendly Kyozou user interface, gives sellers the ability to take control of change. In less than a few clicks users can change their entire eBay profile selling strategy from fixed priced GTC listings to a 7 day auctions with a starting bid of $0.99. Making updates to an eBay listing template with the ‘Bulk Revision Tool’ allows users to update all their active listings to correspond with the change in template and start selling the changes.


Keeping inventory organized makes selling and sorting through listings a breeze. Create custom search parameters to quickly find items, add inventory to folders to keep thing organized, easily make revisions to an entire folder of listings or search for a product via UPC or custom reference value. Kyozou has the ability to be customizable so whatever a sellers needs for the software to line up to your selling process, Kyozou has it covered.


Automating listings can help manage online sellers selling strategy while saving a lot time. As listings get into an unsold status, Kyozou has the ability to relist a listing with a relisting profile. Relisting profiles have the ability to be very extensive with abilities to relist an item as a fixed price listing or an auction reduce price and even change listing templates. Users have the ability to maintain a quantity on the listings helping them keep listing volumes low but keeping the listings accurate and up to date.  Kyozou’s listing automation is feature rich designed to save sellers time by removing the step by step process and automating it. The potential for saving time with Kyozou can be as valuable as a new employee at a fraction of the cost.

Quantity Synchronization

Kyozou manages your listings for multiple channels whilst keeping your quantity in sync. With Kyozou you do not need to decide where you send your inventory anymore, instead, sell everything you have across multiple marketplaces and let our online selling software do the work. Maximize your listing exposure and save time by having Kyozou keep you quantity accurately up to date. As an item sells on one market place Kyozou will update the other synchronized marketplaces to avoid over or under selling. With Multi-Channel listing management Kyozou makes selling on multiple marketplaces a breeze.

Kyozou is an all-on-one solution designed to manage the ‘life cycle’ of a product from the moment an inventory item is created to when an order is processed. With integrations to eBay, Amazon, Newegg and the Kyozou Webstore platform, Kyozou has the tools including listing management to help sellers sell smarter.

Sell Smarter with Kyozou.