Amazon Prime Day Is July 12 – Are You Ready To Compete To Win The Sale?

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Amazon Prime Day Is July 12 – Are You Ready To Compete To Win The Sale?

Are you ready for the biggest off-season sale for Amazon Prime members that happens on July 12? Amazon Prime day hits next week. It’s been promoted on the news, social channels, to Prime members and the countdown to savings is on. Amazon claims that last year’s sales outdid the sales of Black Friday. Even though these shoppers need to be Amazon Prime members, they can sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Maybe last year’s first attempt didn’t go as they planned since the hashtag #amazonprimefail trended on Twitter, but this year with lessons learned you will want to be ready to take advantage of all the investment in promotions they are doing now. With their countdown to Prime Day, they are already offering other special deals to keep shoppers coming back. There will be a volume of shoppers checking out deals and you want to capture that sale.

What you need to set up for Amazon Prime Day:

  1. Right now is the best time to set up items you want to sell on Amazon with additional discounts using Kyozou’s built in feature the Amazon re-pricer. This feature allows you to set the upper and lower limits the item should sell for. You include the competing seller’s feedback score that your item competes with and our automation tool automatically adjusts your price to be as competitive as possible.
  2. You can also setup a sale with Kyozou by setting a sale price with a start and end date. The event for Prime members begins at midnight PT on July 12, 2016. Adjust the start and end to line up with this event or any of the early sales occurring now. Amazon Prime Day Sale
  3. Move the item quantities available and inventory management to gear more inventory towards your Amazon account. This way you won’t have to adjust the inventory as you see sales happen from you being competitive with pricing and you will avoid over and underselling. You can always adjust the inventory back to other channels after the one day sale.

As the volume of shoppers come on Amazon Prime day to look for deals or are just curious, your items will be set with the discounts they are hoping to find. Sales begin at midnight PT on July 12 . Get ready to help make the second Amazon Prime Day a success.