7 Tips For Email Campaigns To Customers

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7 Tips For Email Campaigns To Customers

As an online seller you most likely receive email campaigns from vendors and you know you may quickly browse them and at other times you don’t have time and delete them. But if you think about it, even skimming through quickly gets you some information and you can learn something while slowly becoming familiar with that company (may not have been your intent, but it happens). That’s the power of email campaigns and why they are a successful way to market to and stay in touch with your leads/customers. Depending on where they are in the buying cycle, your email can trigger them to think about their needs and how you may have something that fills that need. Even better, it may take them to your website and lead them to a purchase.

We know you’re busy managing your sales and can be hard to come up with email content. This is why we’ve put together some suggestions on how you can easily create some email campaigns to engage with your customers. Stay in front of them and you can build a relationship that can lead to sales.

7 email campaign tips that drive sales:

  1. Create scannable content: Your audience wants to hear from you. They may not read your email in detail but they will scan it to find out what they should focus on. That’s where a header and a short summary that are curiosity catching, brief and to the point are key. You need to get enough info in front of them so they are informed and if they want more, they click further into your email.
  2. Learn more about your customers through their engagement with you: Email programs  will provide you with analytics so you can review what pieces your audience engages the most with. From here, use this to your advantage to create similar content and even promotions they love on certain products they seem to read about. If you have Google Analytics on your site, use that information to know what are your leads and customers looking at on your website. Then write about that.
  3. Recover the abandoned cart recovery: They almost bought something. You need them to follow through on that purchase, but for some reason they left it. Send an email reminding them about the item(s) they were going to purchase. An interesting statistic showed that if you send an email 3 hours after cart abandonment, you can get a 40% open rate and 20% CTR.
  4. Use special offers and coupons to drive sales: Who doesn’t love a sale? Use your analytics to put high volume sellers on a promotion to sell even more. Or send out coupons. While it may seem like like work to set up, these discounts do generate more traffic to your store.
  5. Celebrate with a birthday email: If you can gather your customer’s information to collect their birthday, then you can consider sending out a birthday greeting with a special offer or discount that only they can use. There’s nothing like feeling special. But don’t just celebrate their birthday, celebrate your company’s too. Set up a birthday sale, promote it and celebrate.
  6. Send out newsletters: Keep your customers up to date on new stock items, or a big ticket item that you plan on putting on promotion, anything interesting going on in your company or linking them to your blog. It costs 5x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Therefore stay in touch with them. They need to be reminded you’re still around.
  7. Deliver the message when they are most likely to read it: Timing is everything. To determine when is the best time to send your emails, look at your sales history to see when are most of your sales occurring. That’s a good place to start. Also, you get data by trying things to see what works. Try some A/B split tests on timing to determine when is your email list the most attentive. Then continue to deploy at that time.

Creating email campaigns to send to your leads and customers is an effective way to drive sales. If you don’t have an email tool, we suggest you look at investing in one. Mailchimp offers a great service for online sellers. Not only is it an affordable email provider to use, but it also comes with tracking open and click through rates, reports and features that you can pick and choose from to implement as part of your digital customer engagement strategy. Don’t just rely on SEO to drive your sales. You actually can!