7 TED Talks For Successful Online Sellers

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7 TED Talks For Successful Online Sellers

As an online seller, you’re growing a business and have limited time to sit back and read books on how to grow it.  That’s why we’ve compiled 7 inspiring TED Talks for online sellers that you need to watch. These entertaining talks will give you some great ideas to implement in your growing online business. 


7 TED Talks for Online Sellers:


Let The Inventory Walk and Talk – Mick Mountz

Mick gives a great talk that supports how automation of inventory management can save you and your staff hours. By using the story of online shopping, he brings his experience of order management to life. From how filling orders can be a time consuming process, to how automation can bring about many efficiencies, this engaging 12 minute TED talk will inspire you to make some order fulfillment changes and automate your inventory management.



Secrets Of Success In 8 Words, 3 Minutes – Richard St. John

As an analyst, Richard condenses 7 years of interviews into a 3 minute presentation on the secrets of success. Short and sweet! You’ll want to dive into this TED Talk for Online Sellers.



Surprising Lessons From 100 Days Of Rejection – Jia Jiang

This inspiring 12 minute talk dives into chasing your dream. From leaving a well paying job to pursue your dreams, Jia shares the risks and rejection he went through. Rejection is a hard part of doing business, but he provides some strategies on how to get used to rejection that will make your stronger. You learn through failure and rejection. Find out how this can keep you on track to keep chasing your dream.



Rethinking Commitment – John Jantsch

In this 5 minute talk, John asks: what is it about the work that you do that makes it worth it? Being a leader with a business that has a purpose can help rally your employees. Through focusing on your employees, you can find a rewarding business model for success here in this short talk.



Technology Will Change Retail Shopping – But It’s Not What You Think – Taylor Romero

Taylor’s talk is only a few months old and it’s filled with great tidbits and insights on where online retail is going. As an online business owner himself, he uses his experience to describe how he and his wife used data to understand customer frustrations. This helped them create personalized shopping experiences that led to growth and customer satisfaction. He also describes the changes he sees happening with online and traditional bricks and mortar retail. Watch this 14 minute talk and get ready to learn about integrated retail with a few giggles along the way.



Forget Shopping. Soon You’ll Download Your New Clothes – Danit Peleg

This interesting 6 minute talk takes 3D printing of fashion to a whole new level. Imagine ordering a design online, downloading it and printing it up right in your home to wear out that night! With 3D printing uses constantly expanding, maybe you will be inspired to think of how you can incorporate this latest trend into your business.



How Great Leaders Can Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

This is a favorite among many companies of many sizes on how great leaders can inspire. In this 18 minute talk Simon highlights how finding your “why” can drive your business forward through leading a focused team. Using real business examples, he’ll teach you how to follow a simple model that shows how inspired organizations succeed. Why not try this exercise out with some of your leadership team and see what happens?



These 7 TED Talks for online sellers are inspiring chats with facts and insights you can use for your growing online business. When you don’t have enough time, play these in the background and a useful piece of information will jump out of you. Setting yourself apart from the competition begins with finding new pieces of strategies to run your online sales business. You can grow your business and lead a staff of motivated employees. Feel free to share these 7 TED Talks for online sellers with your staff too.