6 Reasons To Use An e-Commerce Solution For Inventory Management

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6 Reasons To Use An e-Commerce Solution For Inventory Management

6 reasons to use an e-commerce solution for inventory management

As an online seller, how closely do you track your inventory? Especially if you are working with multiple warehouses, it can be difficult to keep the numbers updated manually without committing a lot of time to the process.

Perhaps this has made you consider an automated e-commerce solution in the past, but for one reason or another, you have yet to put a system in place. Well, particularly with big changes going on in the e-commerce industry, it may be time to seriously consider an investment in streamlining your processes.

With regard to inventory management, here are some of the benefits of putting an e-commerce solution in place.

Better service delivery to your buyers

Accurately reflecting your inventory online is critical for good transactions and achieving great seller ratings. If you have ever ended up shipping late because of a miscalculation, you know how important it is. With an a great e-commerce solution, you can reduce or eliminate human error, put tight controls in place, and automate everything so it does not become overwhelming. Your customers will consistently get a great buying experience, and you won’t need to worry about your ratings on e-commerce selling platforms.

More directed investment

Aside from how your transactions are running on selling platforms, you need to keep watch of your inventory to make sure you are putting in the right orders with your suppliers. You do not want to continue ordering new quantites of merchandise that isn’t moving because you haven’t got an accurate picture of what you have in stock for each warehouse.

With a strong e-commerce solution, you’ll not only understand the quantities you have on hand, but you’ll also see the historical trends regarding products’ movement, and you will know the specific levels of stock at each warehouse location you operate. All of this can be done without a significant time investment through automated tools.

Improved marketing results on e-commerce platforms

Making sure you have you are effectively tracking inventory is becoming increasingly important for your online presence, especially on eBay. With new algorithms and processes in place, eBay will reward sellers who are turning over merchandise regularly and making sure to avoid inventory miscalculations. Seller ratings and search rankings will be improved for these sellers.

This makes it all the more important to make sure you aren’t stockpiling products that don’t sell and keeping everything up to date.

Lower stress / Better quality of life

As your business grows, the effort required for manual inventory management becomes more cumbersome, and if you don’t have some support to relieve the burden, it can become a source of stress. You have several options for tackling this, but an e-commerce solution with inventory management is the most scalable and cost-effective.

Lower overhead

An alternative to automating is to hire additional employees to help you manage your business processes, including inventory management, as your online store grows.  However, consider that this will require a continuing growth of your human resources, whereas an automated solution will continue to be effective as you take on more and more stock.  For that reason, an end-to-end e-commerce solution will end up costing you much less for a better result in this area.

Improved ability to meet market demand

You want to be able to make sure you are capitalizing on market opportunities, and to do so, you have to predict what will sell in a given market at a given time. It’s best to have objective data to support you in this.  That is why it’s important to have reporting capabilities as part of your inventory tracking operation. With the right e-commerce solution, you can continuously see how inventory is moving and slice and dice the data easily. Don’t spend your time manually preparing reports when you can get them with a simple button click.

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