5 Reasons Why You Need A Success Manager By Your Side

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Success Manager By Your Side

5 Reasons You Need The Expertise Of An Ecommerce Success Manager By Your Side

The world of ecommerce is growing fast and with it comes changes to try and navigate through. New online stores pop up with all sorts of cool features, large marketplaces like eBay and Amazon make changes and sometimes the tools you use for inventory management and sales don’t work the way you need them to (just to name a few). Any of those things can get pretty frustrating, especially when there’s a small group of you focused on managing your online store sales.

That’s why the value added resource of a dedicated Customer Success Manager, which is part of your monthly subscription is a key benefit of Kyozou. Why? The way you need to handle inventory management and quantity management is unique to your business operations. That’s why it’s important that someone on the other side gets to know you, how you work, your goals and how the system can be set up to best work for you. You don’t just sign up and have to figure out how the system works yourself. Your business operations are unique and that’s why you need a little extra support.


Our team of industry experts provide you with the following and then some:

  1. Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Kyozou has a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to you from the start. That’s because we don’t want you to have to explain who you are, your goals and needs each time you call for support and talk to someone different. Your Success Manager is familiar with your history and is your partner through your lifecycle with Kyozou.
  2. Onboarding training: software systems can be a lot to learn. With a feature rich system of Kyozou, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you through understanding the features that match each phase of your sales cycle.
  3. Makes you an ecommerce solutions expert at your company: when you’re the one managing listings and need to report to your boss, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will train you on Kyozou and set you up to be the power user at your company on this software. With access to reports, the ability to list to multi-channels and everything at your fingertips, you’ll love how Kyozou helps you manage the daily online sales operations.
  4. Advice and tips: An industry expert right at your fingertips means they can pass along tips and tricks they know to help you manage the system and your online sales. Not only that, but as a certified partner of eBay for years, we can help you manage through their changes as well as other marketplaces we work with.
  5. All access service: Our service doesn’t just stop at onboarding and then we let you off to fend for yourself. You Success Manager is just a phone call or chat away from helping you answer questions and work towards you achieving your online sales growth needs. Whether changes are happening at eBay and Amazon, Kyozou is your business partner who works to ensure your seamless transition navigating through these changes.


While the ability for software tools to handle a variety of functions you need to run your online store is great, many times you’re left to try to learn and implement it yourself. Most times that can be a daunting task when you’re busy listing, managing orders and running operations. Don’t go it alone, your Customer Success Manager has the tips and tricks that you need for efficiencies. It’s OK to put your trust in an online selling industry expert found in your Customer Success Manager. As a growing company, you want a partner who is there for you every step of the way now and in the future as they set you up for future growth. Your business doesn’t stop, it runs 24/7 and Kyozou software coupled with your Success Manager helps you do that.