5 eBay Selling Tips To Increase Your Online Sales

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5 eBay Selling Tips To Increase Your Online Sales

5 eBay Selling Tips To Increase Your Online Sales

eBay is as competitive as ever. With thousands of new listings added every day, it can be a challenge to get your listings seen in search results or getting your customers to buy from you over your competitors. Obviously it’s about having products people want and competitive pricing, but with eBay it’s more than just that. Having clean listings with informative information about the product, clean detailed pictures and a strong solid eBay profile can really help. The question is simple. If you have a potential customer looking to buy a product that both you and your competitors are selling, aside from price what separates you from them? Why should someone buy from you?


1) eBay profile

Your eBay profile is your name, company and identity. Having an eBay profile name like ‘Hawt-Seller2008’ can come a across as unprofessional and can really give a potential customer an impression of a small seller often leading the customer to keep looking for a bigger company that has a proven history of customer satisfaction.
Often what happens is that people start on eBay as buyers and over time become sellers using the same account name they signed up with. Well the answer is simple, change your name. Many sellers don’t know you can change your eBay profile name without affecting your account. It’s free and can be done at any time. Choose a name that you will want to use long term that represents you and your company. Now you are one step closer to building a valuable business and a positive eBay reputation.

ebay selling tips: make sure you're profile is professional


Along with your profile name is the profile page, this is where a potential customer can gain insight into your company. This page is often neglected by sellers and is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and company. There is a placeholder for a company logo, company profile banner as well as a company bio. By having an updated profile page, you are showing a potential customer that you are professional seller that takes time with their eBay profile which can often translate into the kind of seller that takes time to deliver a positive customer experience.
Link to change your profile name: http://pages.ebay.com/help/account/change-userid.html


2) eBay Store

Your eBay store is similar to your eBay profile in that this is another great opportunity to showcase your brand, company and sell more. By utilizing an eBay store, customers can see your inventory, this is often where you would get returning customers as they are able to get a better perspective of what you sell and the kind of company you are. At Kyozou we have a great design team and can help design a custom eBay store. (Learn more about how Kyozou can help design a professional eBay store template here)


3) Listings

Having clean and informative listings is one of the most important things you can be doing to make sure your customers are getting everything they need to make an informed purchase.
• Clean descriptions with valuable information about the product. Often we find listings with cluttered information using multiple fonts and colors. This looks chaotic and is challenging to read. (Note: Comic Sans is not allowed. EVER!!!)
• Clean pictures that detail the entire product. If there are any issues with a product (scratches, dents) make sure this is included in your pictures to avoid any customer returns. The more you can document a product the less likely that a customer is to make a return as there is no confusion as to what they are buying.
• Mobile friendly. A lot of sales are coming from mobile devices. By having a mobile friendly template, a seller can really help with optimize their listings for mobile devices and overall give better search results of your products on mobile devices. (Learn more about how
Kyozou can help design responsive eBay listing templates here)


4) Selling Strategy

• Free domestic shipping is what eBay wants, and by offering free shipping you can improve your eBay search results of your products, this is one of the easiest things a seller can do to improve search results.
• GTC listings using the out-of-stock feature can help a lot as this helps maintain valuable page history information such as page views. (Learn more here)
• Fill in all the item specifics in relation the category. The more information you give eBay about your listings the better they will rank. Make sure to include Manufacturers Part Number as this is becoming more popular for customers to search by.
• Better titles. Often sellers feel keywords or using all caps in a listing title will help a listings eBay search results. That is incorrect, since the implementation of the Cassini search algorithm product titles that are more focused on how a buyer reads a title rather than a title built for a search engine will have better search results.


5) Feedback

Maintaining a positive feedback score on eBay is one of the most important things you can do to have a strong eBay selling account. Keeping up with all the feedback scores can be a challenge; this is where Kyozou feedback automation helps. By utilizing the feedback automation found in step 12 of the control you can let Kyozou do the work for you. Essentially as positive feedback or a payment is made, Kyozou will send out a feedback notification automatically to the buy helping maintain a positive feedback profile.


To get more eBay selling tips and learn more about how you can utilize Kyozou’s tools to help improve your sales contact your Account Manager today at 1 (877) 596 9681.
Article Written By: Reid Armstrong Kyozou Product Specialist