5 Crucial eBay Selling Software Features To Ensure Success

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5 Crucial eBay Selling Software Features To Ensure Success

As your eBay store grows, you find you don’t have enough time to get to things. Time is money. This is when you know it’s time to research eBay Management Software that can help you. Most sellers will research 3-5 companies to compare pricing and features. It’s not just about the price that you should look at as your primary decision criteria. Look further into these tools also so you can find yourself the best ebay selling software tool for your business needs.


5 Key eBay selling software features to evaluate when choosing a software solution:


Manage feedback

Since seller ratings are important for your store rankings, you need to be responsive. When you’re busy dealing with processing orders and getting items ready to ship, it’s helpful when automation notifies you that feedback has been received. This allows you to respond quickly to deal with the customer issue and provide quick customer service. What’s cool about Kyozou is it takes it one step further and will send an automatic feedback response so it helps save you even more time. Seller ratings also are a tool for ebay shoppers to build trust with the company selling the item. That’s because it helps with transparency on things like was the item delivered as described. These are what new shoppers could view before purchasing from you over the others.


Listing management

When you have hundreds to thousands of listings to manage, software makes it easy. Look for features such as:

  • Bulk changes to listings
  • Schedule listings
  • Set auto-list and re-listing profiles
  • Create quality converting ebay templates

To learn more about these features, check out our blog on Why Listings Management Is Critical For Ecom Success.


Product inventory management

Inventory management is a key factor in the success of your online sales. You need to have the right item in the right channel at the right time. When evaluating software, you want to look for a robust tool that can mirror your operations. If you have multiple warehouses, a system that can map them will allow your operators to find inventory quickly to get it ready to ship. Or if you run different stores you can map each warehouse to the software that allows you to only login to the one system to process and manage orders.

Another important inventory management feature is quantity management. If you sell an item in multiple channels or multiple stores you want the most up to date information available to shoppers. This feature ensures that as an item sells down in one channel/store, the quantity is instantly updated across all the places you sell it. This prevents over and underselling. You don’t want a disappointed customer who couldn’t get what they ordered because the inventory wasn’t actually available.



Data and analytics are a critical part of business decision making. Software should be designed with the ability to report on key success factors as well as operational data such as:

  • Listing activity
  • Unsold items
  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Ready to ship
  • Inventory (status and value)
  • Punch clock (employee hours worked)
  • Sell through

These as well as other reports needed for your business will help you quickly pull together the data to make decisions with.


Option to sell to other channels

If you’re just selling on ebay but think part of your strategic direction is to expand to other channels, or if you are already selling in multiple marketplaces, one software tool that manages all your listings in all those channels is worth the investment. It’s about scale. You want to be able to scale for growth and the investment up front it worth the efficiencies as well as the ability to grow.
eBay management software needs can vary between sellers, but these key features are crucial to your online sale operations. eBay sales is a competitive business, but the potential for growth is there as they push to beat Amazon. As you grow to scale, software will help you capture the customers who are looking to buy the items you sell, and buy them from you.