4 Benefits of Fitment Tables/Parts Compatibility on eBay Motors

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4 Benefits of Fitment Tables/Parts Compatibility on eBay Motors

If you sell parts and accessories for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RV’s, eBay motors integration makes listing your items that are compatible with other vehicle models a cinch. It’s a great way to unload inventory, try to sell slow turning items or even use as an additional channel for your sales.

Parts Compatibility/Fitment tables allows sellers to list their accessories and parts on eBay by associating what other vehicles those parts are compatible with by Year, Make and Model. It works by adding standard information to the item listing so you don’t have to.

When a buyer searches online for the part they are looking for and yours is compatible, your part will show up in their search results. On eBay this shows up in a new tab in the item page that the buyer then clicks on to find out more information.

eBay motors is a great sales channel with large volume of searches and sales. The reason why you should sell here is because forecasts of annual sales growth of 12% to 16% over the next four years. Each of the next four years will break a new billion-dollar barrier. Online sales in 2017 are projected to hit $8.4 billion, with approximate $1 billion increases each year (Hedges & Company).

4 benefits of fitment tables/parts compatibility on eBay motors:

  1. List the part once: simply enter the product details once and the list of compatible vehicles you can associate your item with can be selected. This saves your time on entering listing information.
  2. Increases exposure for your item: as shoppers search for the part they are looking for, your item will be associated with it. With great pricing and service, you’ll be able to capture that exposure to your item and your eBay store and turn it into a sale.
  3. Focused listing: by eBay motors automatically adding standard information regarding the compatible vehicles, you can focus your item description to include details that will help describe the item.
  4. Fitment bulk updates: update many parts with a bulk upload. This saves you time and gets your product listed faster.

Use eBay motors to sell your vehicle accessories and parts. Increasing your sales channels and reach will occur through the association. As online shopping grows as predicted, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the shoppers whose needs you can satisfy with your items. Give them a great shopping experience and you can have earned repeat customers.