We Are Now Compatible With Powerful Listing Templates by 3Dsellers!

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We Are Now Compatible With Powerful Listing Templates by 3Dsellers!

Amazing news! We’ve integrated with 3Dsellers to bring you powerful listing templates.

We strive to make your selling experience as profitable as possible and this is why we’ve integrated with 3Dsellers, who offer listing templates designed by the best eCommerce designers.

One of the main values of 3Dsellers’ listing designer is the fact that all templates include cross promotional categories, allowing you to showcase your other products within each listing. This offers you an opportunity to keep each buyer within your products and ignite repeat sales.

It isn’t easy to stand out from the fierce competition in the eCommerce world. With the amount of options out there for the buyers, your products need to stand out and speak to shoppers intuitively. This is when 3Dsellers listing templates will do their job.

You can enjoy an included library of over 200,000 high quality images and present your items in a memorable way. As we all know, modern look & feel does its magic nowadays and people want to buy from professional sellers. Use icons to represent your shipping and return policy to express transparency that’s noticeable from a glance.

There are sections in each templates that you can choose to hide or show but whatever you choose to show will be presented effectively. Everything is fully customizable, yet you never have to worry about losing the overall design – your listings will always look their best and you will seem trustworthy!



3dsellers listing designer


As you might know, around 60% of shoppers today purchase via mobile devices so it’s crucial to have your listings optimized for mobile and unfortunately, not all native listings are. These templates are 100% mobile optimized and are always up-to-date with eBay’s content policy.

Moreover, you can apply your favorite template to all listings at once and choose to set the preferred design to all future listings!

These templates can double or even triple your sales, and we are happy to introduce this option to our users. 3Dsellers is already trusted by over 200,000 users and they’ve been eBay’s biggest app provider since 2010 so we’re offering you a trustworthy hand.

Due to our collaboration, they’ve offered all our users a 20% discount for a Pro plan. Contact your CSM for more info. However, you can try out their listing designer for free with their 7-day free trial. The pricing is also very convenient because it is customized per each user, depending on the amount of active listings.