3 Reasons You Should Add Newegg To Your Multi-Channel

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3 Reasons You Should Add Newegg To Your Multi-Channel

We’ve been watching Newegg over the past year and wanted to share some information with you on who they are and why they are a part of the multi-channel you should consider for your e-commerce sales.

Newegg Multi-Channel


According to a few reports, they are the top tech focused e-retailer in North America and the second largest online only retailer in the USA. While many online sellers assume it’s mainly for electronic and computer parts, their growth has been coming from their expansion into 75 different product categories. Newegg appears to be positioning themselves for more growth too. More growth, that you as an online seller can take advantage of to grow your online multi-channel sales.

3 Reasons Why Online Sellers Should Add Newegg To Your Multi-Channel

  1. Offers many promotions to their online shoppers that has helped drive sales: They introduced a Business Rewards Program that awards customers points based on their purchase volume that can be redeemed for discounts, free shipping, free customer services and other rewards. They also have created a membership program (Newegg Premier) similar to Amazon Prime offering fast shipping and additional benefits to their members.
  2. Expanded last year to serve Europe and Asia: Their global expansion gives you increased access for your products to be found internationally. More exposure to your competitive pricing can drive more sales.
  3. 25 million registered users and growing: Compared to eBay with 162 million users and Amazon with 244 million active users, Newegg is working it’s way towards massive growth. In fact, 21% of online sellers plan to expand into this channel.

Consider adding Newegg to your marketplace arsenal and increase your online sales opportunities. Listing with them is very similar to Amazon. Either you list against an existing catalogue item or you create it from scratch.  Our CSMs (Customer Success Managers) can help you navigate the ins and outs of applying for an account, inputting that information into Kyozou, setting up your products and ultimately selling.  

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