U-PIC Shipping Insurance

Kyozou / U-PIC Shipping Insurance


Protect your packages while in transit with Kyozou’s shipping insurance option, powered by U-PIC Shipping Insurance. Nearly 10% of all packages shipped, arrive in damaged condition. If the contents of those packages are also damaged, shorted, lost, or stolen, 94% of customers blame the retailer. Ship with confidence when you insure, and save up to 50% off of standard carrier insurance rates. Claims take 7 – 10 days from submission to approval.

Ship With Confidence

A 2013 survey by StellaService noted that a combined 9.3% of the packages carried by FedEx, UPS, and USPS received some form of damage during transit. Of those, 5% of the products in those packages were damaged as a result. While our large national carriers do an excellent job overall, loss, theft, and damage does happen. When it does, a retailers response to a customer’s damage inquiry will make or break the customer’s desire to continue shopping with that retailer.

Save On Rates

Ship with confidence and peace of mind, by selecting shipping insurance on your outgoing packages. You will save up to 50% off of insuring directly with the carrier, and enjoy a much simpler and speedier online claims process that goes from claim submission to approval in only 7 – 10 business days. Make it right with your customers fast, knowing that you are covered against the risks associated with shipping.