Stay Competitive with Amazon Auto Pricing

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Stay Competitive with Amazon Auto Pricing

Amazon can be an extremely profitable marketplace for online sellers but does have its challenges. As Amazon uses a catalog based listing method, a seller is often required to compete with other sellers on price. On certain items this can be extremely challenging to stay competitive. At Kyozou, we have you covered. By utilizing the ‘Amazon Auto Pricing’ feature Kyozou can automate your Amazon prices for you, keeping your Amazon listings as competitive as possible.

With ‘Amazon Auto Pricing’ you have total control. You can ensure that your prices are competitive whilst still selling at a profit even at the lowest price. We can make sure you are only competing on prices with top rated sellers as people are often more likely to only buy from top rated sellers. With Auto Pricing you can choose to compete on prices with items that are Fulfillment by Amazon (“FBA”) or items shipped directly from the seller. Often items that are FBA are cheaper as the sellers do not require paying the cost of shipping so it might work best to only compete with sellers that ship their own inventory.Found in the ‘product details’ page of Kyozou under the Amazon listing information section there is a ‘check-box’ to enable the ‘Auto Pricing’ rules. Once enabled you will see a set of options to setup ‘Auto Pricing’ for your Amazon listing. The idea is simple. What’s the most you want to sell this item for? What is the least you want to sell this item for? What price increment do you want your listing price adjusted by ie. $.25 or $.10? What is the feedback score of your competitors you wish to compete on price with? Once all setup and listed Kyozou will automatically keep your price as competitive as possible based on your ‘Auto Pricing Rules.’

Article Written By: Kyozou Product Specialist Reid Armstrong