Four Ways Your eBay Templates Can Make Or Break Your SEO Rankings

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Four Ways Your eBay Templates Can Make Or Break Your SEO Rankings

With the dominance of search engines as a way for shoppers to find the merchandise they want, it’s not enough to optimize eBay templates for readers. You must also optimize them for the search bots that will be analyzing your listings.  There are a few things you should think about to make sure you are doing this the right way, rather than have these engines leave out your store’s inventory or putting it in the far off results.


1. The HTML behind the scenes

HTML can be a tricky beast. But it has a lot to do with how search engines find your listings and display them in the results. There can sometimes even be a clash of interests with your eBay templates. That is, you want to include elements that make them look as attractive and robust as they need to be, but you don’t want those elements to dilute information so search engines can’t find what they are looking for.

Ultimately, developers and designers who are experienced with html know the tricks to make sure that you don’t have to compromise great design features for search engine compatibility. So when you are establishing your eBay templates, you want to make sure the design team has a good understanding of SEO.


2. Information placement

In addition to the structuring of HTML, you want the on-page elements of your eBay templates to help you optimize your listings for search results. This involves mapping out the elements that will go on the page strategically.

For instance, you want to include a keyword rich summary description in your listing, and you want the page to include that front and center. This way, when search engines index the content, they will be sure to get the details you created for them.


3. Managing images

Images can be tricky in SEO, but you might want to consider how search engines view them and how your listings will work with this. Typically, a search engine is going to find information about the image you are including by reading its “alt-text tag.” This is a piece of meta-information stored in the HTML that describes the image. It’s a best practice generally not to rely on images for crucial SEO details. A highly visual template is great, but if the images are carrying a lot of the weight of your eBay templates, make sure you know whether search engines can read them.


4. Cassini search considerations

Cassini search brings up some new necessities for your eBay templates if you want your eBay listings to work with this system. There is still a lot to be understood in general about the new search method. However, some best practices will likely involve including seller details and store policies in each of your posts.  These are expected to be what the system will use to group your listings. Make sure your eBay templates can support this.

Kyozou’s template design services work to ensure your listings are search optimized.  If you would like information on our approach, visit the design servicessection of our site.