eBay Policy Changes Being In Introduced In Q4 of 2017

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eBay Policy Changes Being In Introduced In Q4 of 2017

It’s almost the end of 2017, and eBay is introducing a number of new policies and guidelines designed to support a better overall experience for buyers and sellers alike.

Guidelines include:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Policy Links Policy
  3. Listing Updates
  4. Guaranteed Delivery

With these new guideline in place, you can help encourage a better experience for your own buyers. Some of these updates can really help improve your conversion rates and help you rank better on eBay.

We’ll cover an overview of the new updates here which will help get you get started on updating your seller’s profile.

  • Contact Information Policy
    • Starting October 2017, you will no longer be allowed to include any contact information in your listings. This includes your item descriptions, images and in your eBay store. This will be encouraged with eBay’s new feature that allows buyers to call you after a sale. Under your account settings you’ll find “Manage your Q&A with Buyers”. Check “Have your phone number” and enter your number. This policy supports eBay’s design of having the entire transaction start and finish on eBay itself.
  • Links Policy
    • With this policy, any links that direct customer to sites other than eBay are not allowed. Links cannot direct customers to pages that would encourage people to view, search or purchase on non-eBay related sites. Links to product videos or required legal information are exempt from this rule. This policy helps make eBay a more secure marketplace, and makes it easier for buyers to view all necessary buying information in one location at the time of purchase.
  • Listing Updates
    • The listing policy update includes both the contact information and links removal. However, this new update also means that all images, CSS and HTML5 videos are to be hosted on HTTPS. Kyozou is already taking steps to secure images on HTTPs and as such we ask our sellers to revise their live listings for these updates to show. Any images or files hosted outside of Kyozou will need to be independently taken care of by sellers.
  • Guaranteed Delivery
    • Sellers that qualify will be able to display a guaranteed delivery date by a specified date which is backed by eBay itself. This includes multiple different options depending on your handling time and shipping cost selections. This new update is great for sellers. Both sellers and buyers will be able to make their items searchable by delivery date meaning increased exposure for you. If you qualify, do yourself a favor and get signed up. It will mean happier and more repeat customers.

It’s in your best interests to update all your listings and seller’s profile before these changes actually take effect to get prepared for the roll out. Use the info and links provided to get a head-start.

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