Preparing For The COVID-19 Impact on Ecommerce

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Preparing For The COVID-19 Impact on Ecommerce

Concerns over COVID-19 are spreading into every factor of life, and the retail industry is one of the biggest to take a hit, especially in China. However, ecommerce operations may be getting an unexpected boost and the same people that are avoiding retail stores and shopping centres are huddling inside to make their purchases online.

With the potential of a possible supply chain crisis, how can brands continue their operations and what can they do now to prepare?

How Your Business Can Still Thrive

If you’re an online seller who also operates a retail store, consider offering free local pickup.

This can prevent large amounts of customers from walking around your retail store, interacting with each other and touching all your merchandise, while also satisfying customers who want their product the same day (and saving on shipping costs) by offering them the ability to show up and grab their online purchase quickly without having to be around groups of people for significant periods of time inside stores.

Kyozou fully supports in-store pickup orders and this can be enabled through your control panel by following the article here.

How Kyozou is Handling It

To our customers,

With the current global events of the COVID-19 we wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that Kyozou will be in full-operation. Our staff have been given the opportunity to work remotely to overall minimize usage of public transit. As a technology company we are positioned to continue to offer full support, professional services and development through this time.

As current events continue to unfold, we want to offer solutions for you our partner. A beneficial feature for those utilizing Kyozou for Brick and Mortar management are reminded that ‘Local Pickup’ is available for the Kyozou Webstore. With this feature you can continue with store operations while giving your customer base new shopping experience.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at CSM@kyozou.com.