Avoiding Duplicate Listings With eBay

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Avoiding Duplicate Listings With eBay

Duplicate listings are one of the most common reasons a seller will have their selling privileges with eBay revoked or suspended. Obviously if you have multiple quantities of an item you’re not going to want to sell it one at a time. Today we will learn that there are many ways to list an item with multiple quantities while still not breaching eBay duplicate listing policies.

First and foremost, what is a duplicate listing?

Listings are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant difference between them, or if the listings appear to be for the same item in search results. To prevent your listings from being treated as duplicates, make sure you clearly show the differences in the title, price, condition, photo, subtitle, item specifics, or in the parts compatibility areas of a listing. We may also look at other parts of the listing, such as the description, to determine whether it’s a duplicate.”Ebay’s Duplicate Listing Policy


Auction and Fixed Price Listings

One method for having multiple listings with the same inventory is to have one listing as a fixed price listing and another listing as an auction style. Please note that the auction listing cannot have a ‘Buy It Now’ option.  Also keep in mind if you have limited quantity you will need to adjust your quantity on a fixed price listing if the same items sells through an auction style listing.



Another method to list an item with multiple quantities is to use variations. With variations you can have an item listed by color or size (*note variations are dependent on the eBay category, not all categories allow for the use of variations). For example we can list an item with a total quantity of four. Two associated with “red” and two associated with “blue” for a total of four.  Variations are a very efficient method for listings because you can have multiple quantities associated with only one listing.


Listing with Different Information

One of the most common methods for listing a product with multiple quantities is to have separate listings for each version of the product. For example you may have two of the same item, one “new” and the other “used”. You can list both items separately but the key is to list with different information. If you were to list both items with the same information it will be considered a duplicate. A good practice is to display what is different in both the title and description clearly, i.e. Brand New Apple iPad 16 GB and Used Apple iPad 16 GB have two completely different titles of the same product, this will not be considered a duplicate whereas if both listings had a tile of Apple iPad 16 GB, then that would be considered a duplicate listing.


Multi Listing with Different Accounts

Often sellers want to sell the same inventory on multiple eBay profiles. If you are selling the same product with two different selling profiles to the same eBay site then that is considered a duplicate and is common to receive a suspension by listing with this method (eBay knows you’re the same company, they have their ways!). One method to avoid suspension with this technique is to have two different eBay selling profiles associated to each of the eBay sites. For example, selling profile ‘A’ will list inventory to eBay United States and selling profile ‘B’ will list inventory to eBay United Kingdom.

To learn more about avoiding duplicate listings, or if you would like some consultation on how you are selling on eBay can be improved please contact your Account Manager at 1 (877) 596-9681.

Article Written By: Reid Armstrong Product and Marketing Specialist