9 Ways To Increase Your Holiday E-commerce Sales With Kyozou

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9 Ways To Increase Your Holiday E-commerce Sales With Kyozou

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday is just over a month away and online sellers will be preparing for the busiest sales season of the year. Of course, as e-commerce businesses both large and small slash prices on merchandise to win business, the holidays can be highly competitive. However, with the right strategy, your online store can make this season a success both in terms of quarterly profit and long term growth. If you aren’t yet prepared for the rush, it is time to kick your plans in to high gear. Here are nine proven tactics that you can put in place with the help of Kyozou.

Make sure it’s mobile ready

Tablets and smartphones are quickly gaining prominence in online shopping. Experts have even predicted that mobile transactions may exceed desktop transactions by the end of the year. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every online store should develop its own mobile app. However, it does mean that stores need to offer a rich and intuitive mobile shopping experience on par with shopping on the desktop.

The best way to achieve this is to implement responsive design for your store, so that customers can easily browse and navigate your site, no matter what device they use.

Simplify site navigation

In tandem with a responsive design strategy, some careful consideration of your store’s navigation structure can go a long way. Thinking from the customer’s point of view, you’ll want to make sure all sections of your site are easy for the customer to find and easy to access. Logical categorization of products is essential here, and the Kyozou platform can help you easily group your inventory in a way that makes sense.


Beyond helping customers find what they are looking for by making your site experience intuitive, you can increase your sales by promoting related merchandise on product pages. With page templates that allow you to feature items from specific categories, Kyozou can make this easy to accomplish.

Offer shipping discounts and expedited shipping

With heavy competition for the season, your store can stand out by offering customers free shipping or discounts on expedited shipping to make sure they receive their products in time for the holidays. One strategy for boosting your sales would be to set a purchase value to receive the discount.  This way customers may increase their overall purchase and come away from the transaction feeling they received a great value.

Create groups for gifts and sales

One great way to aid customers in the shopping experience is to create helpful product categories in line with the holidays. With the support of the Kyozou platform, you can group items together to create gift categories (e.g. gift ideas for dad) and you can group together your sales and clearance items to help customers find more great deals from your store.

Get in the spirit

Simply showing some holiday cheer can give your sales a boost this season, as it enhances the shopping experience for visitors. Try some holiday themed treatments for your store’s logo and for your page templates. It’s a simple upgrade that can really make a difference for your sales.

Revisit product descriptions

In the same vein, it may be a good time to revisit product descriptions for select merchandise. Particularly for products you are recommending in your gift categories, you might focus your descriptions on what makes the item a great gift for a recommended recipient. These simple touch-ups can lead to great rewards with up-sells and repeat business.

Promote your gift cards

Gift cards can make a particularly good, thoughtful gift that makes shopping easy for the gift giver. Make sure you are promoting your gift cards front and center both on your site and in your marketing materials. Creating a holiday themed card can also be quite effective.

Make it personal

Finally, anything you can do to add a personal touch to your transactions can go a long way in winning repeat business.  Whether it’s a holiday themed card to go along with your shipping or a personalized message to the recipient, a simple token of appreciation is something to consider for each of your sales.

Remember that Kyozou is here to help you make the most of your holiday sales season.  If you are a current customer, contact your account manager for any support you may need.  And if you are still considering an e-commerce partner for your store, visit us online at Kyozou.com to find out how we can help.