6 Ways eBay Tools Can Help You Boost Post Holiday Sales

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6 Ways eBay Tools Can Help You Boost Post Holiday Sales

As an e-commerce vendor, you know that your holiday sales season doesn’t end with Cyber Monday. In fact, even after Christmas comes around, shoppers will abound, armed with gift cards and looking for deals on the merchandise they’ve been hoping to snag this year.

Your online store needs to keep up a great strategy for getting the right listings in front of shoppers and taking them smoothly through the purchasing process. And with the right eBay tools, you can make sure this happens without getting overwhelmed with day-to-day operations.

With that in mind, here are six ideas you can implement with your eBay tools to make the most of the season.


1. Make it simple to run new promotions

Customers will be looking for great deals, and you’ll want to determine how best to deliver on this. It’s important to know your niche and the items that your market will be after. That’s why you need your eBay tools to simplify reporting and analytics. Look for an eBay tools provider that offers real time reports on your sales and inventory performance.

Once you have identified the right items to place on promotion, you’ll want to make sure it’s easy to customize the product listings to reflect the sale. Make sure your eBay tools vendor gives you the flexibility to do this easily with your listings.


2. Offer free shipping on orders of a certain size

Free shipping is always a popular benefit in e-commerce sales, and you can structure an offer that’s beneficial for both you and the buyer. An option is to set a total purchase value that qualifies for free shipping. This helps increase your shoppers’ total cart size while also allowing customers to get more for their money.

You’ll want to make sure that you have efficiencies to support this with customizable options in your eBay tools.


3. Launch a new line of business or add a product line

One way to promote your business over the holidays is to introduce new products, features, or business lines. If you have been considering opening a consignment business, this might be a great time to do that, as this model is growing in popularity with shoppers. Make sure, if you go with this plan, that your eBay tools simplify the processes specifically involved with consignment selling.


4. Think globally

e-commerce has been accelerating on a global scale, and offering products can give you lots of advantages through the holidays and beyond. Consider that, in other nations, holidays do not necessarily fall within the same schedule as those at home. Therefore, you can further extend your strong sales season and significantly increase your profit potential.

Just consider, with international sales, that you will need eBay tools that make the shipping simple and repeatable. You will want tools that allow you to set up shipping profiles for all of the locations you will be supporting. This way, you can be sure that you are taking everything in to consideration (e.g. taxes, export costs, etc) each time you ship.


5. Find the slow sellers and discount them

Surely, not every item in your warehouse has been a big winner this year, and if you have a lot of excess inventory for certain slow sellers, you can take advantage of the season to get them moving. Target some of these items for promotion to increase sales. Coupling this with additional savings opportunities, such as order-size qualified free shipping, could be a winning formula.

Make sure that you have the eBay tools you need to efficiently track your inventory, as this is how you will identify the right items to target. Particularly if you are operating a medium to high volume business and maintaining a lot of warehouse space, you will likely need a vendor with a sophisticated and integrated inventory solution.


6. Keep up your marketing efforts

Many e-commerce vendors make the mistake of cutting their holiday marketing too early in the season, thinking that Christmas signals the very end of the season. Whatever plans you make this season, don’t miss out on the opportunities that extend in to the new year.

If your e-commerce partner for eBay tools offers a designated account model, you may already have a strong resource for advice and support on really making the most of the season specifically for your business.

Kyozou has everything you could want for planning and executing on a complete holiday business strategy. To get familiar with our solutions and differentiators, visit us online and request a demo today.