6 Proficiencies On eBay To Automate Through E-commerce Software

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6 Proficiencies On eBay To Automate Through E-commerce Software

eBay sellers looking to enhance their processes often want to know which operations they can effectively automate through e-commerce software and which should remain a manual undertaking. And to be sure, there are certain elements of the business that require a hands-on approach. For instance, to stand out among the competition, it’s great for an eBay seller to offer personalized and thorough interactions with customers. It’s also important to put leg work in on marketing efforts, both on and off line, to engage with potential buyers and show the market why they should purchase from you.

With that said, there are a host of operational processes that make sense to automate in your day to day business, and the right e-commerce software can make sure you are set up to achieve the greatest efficiency. Here are six functions that you should look at setting up for automation in your online store.


1.Inventory tracking

Many online sellers miss out on the features of automated inventory management, and this can put them at a significant disadvantage in the market. A strong e-commerce software product can help you stay on top of your stock, even for a multi-warehouse and multi-channel operation.

This can create lots of operational efficiencies to support your growth as a seller. Without spending additional time actively tracking your products, you can ensure that every item and its location are accounted for, that items sent for shipping are tied to the correct orders, and that you have a clear picture of how well different merchandise moves.



eBay has unveiled big news about expedited shipping in the past few months. The e-commerce giant will be partnering with large chains to get merchandise in the hands of shoppers more quickly. This means it is important for smaller sellers to optimize shipping efficiencies as much as possible to compete.

Using a comprehensive e-commerce solution, you can make your shipping automatic and error free. You can have shipping labels and postage printed directly from the system each time an order goes through. And what’s more, you can customize settings for the different regions you ship to, making sure all variables are accounted for without the need to put in any extra time.



With big changes in how customers find products on eBay, it’s more critical than ever to offer data-rich, attractive listings. However, this does not mean you need to put in extra time every time you put a product on the site. On the contrary, this makes a strong case for making your listings more automatic. With the right e-commerce software tools, you can set up your product data and templates once and have them automatically upload each time you add to your inventory.



Certainly, you want to take time evaluating your store’s performance so you can make adjustments and grow your business. However, that does not mean you should need to pour countless hours in to revisiting invoices and documentation to determine how your products fared. A much more effective option is to have your e-commerce software track results for you as a part of everyday business. That way, you can use your time more meaningfully as you build new strategies for your business.


5.Expanding to new channels

e-commerce is, in many ways, becoming more segmented, with specific audiences frequenting specific platforms and more business coming directly through sellers’ online storefronts. You want to get your products in front of as many prospective buyers as you can, and doing that manually would quickly get cumbersome. That’s why it makes sense for your e-commerce system to take your listings and automate the work of getting them out through the multiple platforms available to you.


6.Promotions and incentives

You no doubt understand your market well, and you want to stay ahead of the competition by offering great deals at the right time. It can sometimes be difficult to act quickly to implement discounts across a range of products, but with automated e-commerce software, you can make it as simple as a few clicks. By organizing your online store into categories, all with features for making on-the-fly customizations, you can be the first in line to offer great prices on exactly what your buyers are looking for

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