6 Checklist Items For Your Listings (and How eBay Tools Help)

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6 Checklist Items For Your Listings (and How eBay Tools Help)

As an eBay seller, you know that there is practically nothing more important to securing a sale than a good listing. While it’s relatively easy to get your merchandise in front of a large buying population with the format, it can be just as easy to lose a sale, if something within ( or missing from) your listing makes a buyer think twice.

You may wonder if you’ve hit on the right formula to consistently close sales with your listings once buyers have clicked on them. And further, you might wonder how you can make sure you implement this formula every time, without having to work around the clock or break your budget.

This checklist is aimed at achieving all of these goals. That is, with the support of eBay tools that allow for automation, these are six things you can set up easily to make sure you create good, compelling, and cost-effective listings each time.

1. Multiple, attractive images

eBay requires an image for every listing. So, without fail, you a include a picture of the merchandise. However, this is not an area where you want to do the minimum required. It’s best to make a dedicated effort to create multiple, high-quality images that make your products look enticing for shoppers.

The right eBay tools will give you good solutions for getting this done consistently. In fact, the best tools offer dedicated modules just for adding images to your listings, so that you can separate the process from the rest of your inventory management and focus on getting the right shots.

2. Search-boosting elements and keywords

There are elements within your listing that you can optimize to improve your search results so that customers can more easily find them. And it doesn’t have to be a major undertaking to implement these. In fact, with good eBay tools, you can just plug in the search keyword and fill out a few simple details, and the system will take care of the rest.

3. The right details

Since you aren’t interacting face-to-face with potential buyers, you want to try to leave as little to question about an item as possible. After all, a shopper might not take the time to ask a question when they can simply browse to another listing for a similar product.

That’s why it’s critical to be as detailed as possible in your listings, and your eBay tools should help you make this easy. The best platforms standardize the process of entering product information so that you don’t have to wonder whether you’re including enough detail.

4. Knowing your listing cost

Creating a good listing doesn’t have to be expensive, and of course, spending too much on each listing can start to eat in to profits. It can be easy to get carried away and rack up extra costs when you’re going for a quality listing, but your eBay tools can help. Make sure your software platform gives you insight into which features will add costs to your listings and shows you the total cost before you submit.

5. Getting the shipping right

The cost of shipping is always important to buyers online, and being precise about the cost in your listing can help close the sale. Your eBay tools can should integrate with major carriers to help you get the cost right and have the ability to include shipping calculators in your listings.

6. Using your templates wisely

Apart from the images you include in your listing, the templates you use are an important visual element carrying a lot of weight. And in addition to creating a strong shopping experience for your buyer, they can add value in multiple ways. For example, a template might include additional links to merchandise you have for sale, creating click through opportunities.

The eBay tools software you use should have lots of options for templates you can use, and it should offer capabilities for lots of customization to those templates.

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