4 Ways Software Can Help You Control Your Inventory More Easily

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4 Ways Software Can Help You Control Your Inventory More Easily

How thoroughly do you track inventory for your online store? If you are like many sellers on eBay, you may have found in the past that the time required for keeping on top of it is simply too difficult to manage. However, particularly if you are working with high volume sales and/or multiple warehouses, you have no doubt found a need to keep close track of your numbers to avoid mistakes.

With the right e-commerce software, you can automate your inventory management process, staying on top of your stock without committing a lot of time out of your already hectic schedule. And when you are looking over the various tools to help you do this, here are a few of the features you will want to consider.

1.Warehouse and shelving configurations
If you are managing a large warehouse or even multiple warehouses, you will want to make sure your e-commerce software has tools that will help you track inventory according to products’ locations. The best solutions will include systems that let you easily indicate products’ physical locations so you know exactly where each item is and how many are there. In addition to helping you avoid mishaps with order fulfillment, this allows you to speed up your shipping process to make sure your customers are satisfied with the transaction.

2.Organization and custom folders for product categories
Setting up product categories and folders for your inventory may sound daunting if you are taking it on manually, but good e-commerce software makes it simple. And by implementing an organized structure for your store, you can open up a range of new capabilities. For example, if you want to offer a promotion on portable electronics, you can simply apply a discount to that category in your store to make sure your buying incentive is applied to all items. No need to hassle with lots of manual data entry in your system.

3.Integration with mobile devices
For medium and large online stores, using a scanning and labeling system for inventory management is often a great solution. There are plenty of mobile scanners that are very affordable, and as part of an automated system, they can go a long way in saving you time on operations. Make sure that the e-commerce software you are considering works with these devices and uses them to completely automate your inventory management process.

One of the most important reasons to create an automated inventory management system is to make sure you have fail-safe controls in place for your product shipping. With comprehensive e-commerce software for inventory management, you can ensure that each item you scan for shipping is linked to the correct order. This feature goes a long way in reducing fulfillment mistakes that can damage your reputation online and cut in to your profits.

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