4 Recent E-commerce News Stories With Implications For Your eBay Tools

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4 Recent E-commerce News Stories With Implications For Your eBay Tools

Online shopping has been an area of heavy focus in news media over the past few weeks. There is of course, the wide general interest in the prospect of delivery drones being tested by Amazon, as well as a few other vendors. But aside from this futuristic concept, there have been some stories that may have some implications for your business. Take a look at these stories to understand what has been going on in the industry and what effects current events may have.


1. Experts see opportunity in distributed e-commerce

Bloggers, journalists, and e-commerce experts have been recently focused on a shift in the way shoppers purchase items on line. In short, rather than rely on traditional sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon, an increasing number of purchasers are buying items directly from listings on blogs and informational posts on line.

If this sales situation is taking hold in the e-commerce industry, you might think about building out your web-store as the backbone for this kind of approach. You should have a partner for your eBay tools who can also help you with this channel of sales.


2. Holiday sales strong in e-commerce.

At the beginning of the 2013 sales season, there was some concern that sales results might not live up to previous years. However, following from Cyber Monday, analysts are seeing that e-commerce sales have, indeed, increased from 2012 levels.

If you are selling in high volume on eBay, you can expect holiday sales levels to continue, as long as you are taking steps to achieve a good standing on the platform. You also might want to consider beginning with a new channel, such as the Amazon Marketplace, as roll out of a new channel during the season can boost sales.

Make sure you have the infrastructure to support volume sales while consistently delivering a strong shopping experience to your buyers. If you have been struggling with the toolset you are currently using, you might want to consider a switch to an eBay tools platform with proven efficiencies in automation.


3. New development signals in international markets

Several markets outside of the US and Canada are seeing rapid growth in e-commerce. It may be a good time for you to consider riding the wave and getting your business in to international channels.

Keep in mind that some of these rapidly developing markets are underserved in several market categories, so you could have some significant success quickly building your reputation as a niche seller in the international space. Make sure you do your research to understand where you can fit within these markets.

You want your eBay tools to easily support international sales capabilities, especially in terms of shipping considerations. You should have tools on your platform to easily set shipping profiles for different locations, which will take in to account any custom considerations for shipping expense to any of these places.


4. New platform updates at eBay

As you likely spend a good deal of time on the eBay website, you may have noticed some recent changes that have been rolling out to the sites look and feel. Part of eBay’s strategy moving in to the new year has been to update its service with social curation features that bring it in line with more modern platforms like Pinterest and Fancy. As an eBay seller, you may have some success adopting and participating in some of these new, social marketing tactics that the eBay platform offers. However, to do this successfully, you’ll need to make sure you can dedicate the necessary time to it, without letting your operational efficiencies fall behind. This is where the automation features afforded by a great eBay tools provider come in to play.

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