4 Kyozou Features You Won’t Find With Just Any E-commerce Software

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4 Kyozou Features You Won’t Find With Just Any E-commerce Software

If you have been searching for a new e-commerce vendor or are considering a solution for the first time, you are probably looking through vendors’ overview materials and web sites to determine what sets them apart from one another.

Well, at Kyozou, we have developed some unique features that are designed to take e-commerce software a step further for sellers of any type. With our solution, you have everything you need, all in one place, to automate your business and run as efficiently as possible. And beyond that, you will have features that will help you grow, bring on and manage new staff, add new warehouses, refine your selling strategy, and more.

With that in mind, this brief post will introduce a few features that are unique to the Kyozou system and highlight how we develop tools specifically made to keep you moving forward.


1. Staff management

Often, businesses purchase stand-alone software for the purpose of staff management. However, with Kyozou, you will have what you need built right in. The Kyozou platform includes an easy-to-use punch-clock and administrative tools for tracking employees time and work in the system.

Since the function is built in, it works seamlessly with every component of our software, so there is no need to worry whether different software products will integrate. And you will get advanced features that would not be possible with a third-party system.


2. Consignment

Too often, the intricacies of consignment selling are left out of e-commerce software. This means that business owners who run a consignment line or are hoping to start one have to deal with manual processes, even though they are paying for a tool to automate their business.

With Kyozou, consignment is built in, and sellers can manage every step of a consignment sale with the same level of automation as any other sale type.


3. Multi-warehouse

Many medium and large online sellers are operating multiple warehouses. And this can create challenges for managing inventory in a way that is efficient and automated.

Kyozou takes care of that for our customers. Our inventory management tools are designed to help you keep track of your items according to their warehouse location, and even according to their physical location on your shelves. With our system, everything will be accounted for.


4. Designated account management

As a critical tool for running your business, e-commerce software should come with personalized support from people who know your business and its needs. That’s why Kyozou designates a single account manager for our clients.

Many vendors pool their client service resources, meaning you may speak to a different person every time you call with a question. At Kyozou, we believe a one-on-one partnership is a better way to serve you and help your business succeed. We make sure the experience is personalized every time you give us a call.

While these four features should give you a taste of Kyozou and what we’re about, there is a whole lot more we have to offer with our comprehensive e-commerce solution. Visit us online at kyozou.com to understand what we can bring to your business.