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Avoid Headaches By Insuring Your Packages With U-PIC

By Reid Armstrong 2 years ago

Ever since shopping online has become increasingly popular and easy, companies need to be even more prepared for everything that can happen to your packages in transit. Kyozou and U-PIC have teamed up to provide the winning combination to protect your shipments.

Easy and Secured

Inventory management is key to running a successful online store and Kyozou’s ecommerce solution makes it easy. With Kyozou’s fully loaded ecommerce inventory management software, you can stay organized with custom storage locations and multiple warehouses.
There is even a place to add shipping insurance, delivered by U-PIC, the industry leader providing coverage for damage, loss and shortage. The insurance rates provided through Kyozou are substantially lower than what the carriers charge. Insuring your packages through the Kyozou platform ensures peace of mind from door to door.

Affordable and Effective

Not all shipping insurance is the same. Through U-PIC, you get to look forward to lower rates than traditional carrier shipping insurance, along with better services. Instead of waiting several months to see if your claim will be paid with the carriers, U-PIC makes sure that your claim is processed in less than two weeks. Plus, U-PIC covers both the replacement cost and the shipping cost! It’s this combination of being both affordable and highly effective that makes U-PIC’s shipping insurance a better choice over the carrier.

Lost or Damaged Delivery

By adding shipping insurance, lost or damaged packages will be reimbursed including the shipping costs. The carriers offer “free” insurance but it comes with many restrictions for the invoiced value. The claims process with the carriers can also be a nightmare as they state claims can take up to 6 months to get resolved. Also understand that if you file a claim with most carriers for a lost package and your tracking shows delivered, they will most likely deny your claim. Avoid the headaches, and add U-PIC for your shipping insurance up front.
U-PIC resolves claims in 7 -10 business days so you can go on with your business productively. U-PIC is available to address any questions through 800 955-4623, online, live chat or support@u-pic.com.

Claims Process

The claim process with U-PIC is seamless and easy. Claims and supporting documents can all be completed and submitted online. As your claims status is updated, you will receive an email informing you of the progress of your claim.
It’s a good idea to insure, especially when you’re shipping fragile or high-value items. U-PIC offers lower rates than the carriers which can be up to 85% lower with quicker claims process.


Winning combination with Kyozou + U-PIC for shipping insurance

With the Kyozou’s industry leading feature of instant quantity management, along with adding U-PIC for shipping insurance, your packages are in good hands and covered in case of damage or loss with U-PIC for shipping insurance.


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